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Anastasiia Mirosha

1)  Can you tell us about yourself?


 My name is Anastasiia, from Russia, I have got Journalism degree last year


2)  How did you hear about Work&Travel Program?

When did you join the program, where did you work in the USA?

 One my friend went in 2016. I wanted as well, but I was afraid to fly so far from my homecountry, so, I went for internship to Spain that summer. So, I postponed my dream to the summer of 2018. I went with my friend, who had relatives in America, so, they helped us with transportation and first days in new country. My summer 2018 was full of action! I have met a lot of friends, i traveled a lot and just enjoyed my life. I decided to come back next summer, but i was going to be on the last year of university, so, it was a tough decision. But I decided to risk, and I was one of the first students in our agency United, who got visa on the last year of University. The second year in States was so different, but so amazing! I explored Cape Cod much better and met my boyfriend from Serbia. Our story didn’t finish with the end of a program. After summer I came back to Russia, graduated and moved to Serbia. I joined the program the first time in Autumn of 2018, and went to America in summer 2018 and 2019


3) How Work&Travel Program changed your life, what did you learn, experienced in the USA?


 Work and Travel changed my life completely! I met the amazing friends from Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzehovina. We are all still in touch and see each other sometimes. And I met my love in States, and it completely changed my life. Of course, program made me so independent. Now I can face any problem by myself. I had more life experience in those 2 summers, than ever in my life! And I made my dream true- I saw San Francisco and Golden Gate Bridge with my own eyes!!!



4)  What do you do now?

 Now I life in Serbia and working as a teacher of English online ( thanks to the program)! Because I improved my English from level Elementary to Advanced. Now I share my exprecience with my students and, actually, last year I prepared one my student for a job interview and for visa interview, and he did very well at both and spent amazing summer on Work and Travel program🥰

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